Rigging Trainer Development

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The Crosby Group offers three basic types of “two day” Rigging Trainer Development Courses to address multiple market needs. Please choose one of the following:



The Crosby Group offers three basic types of “two day” Rigging Trainer Development Courses to address multiple market needs. For individuals that work in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, utilities, etc., and anyone who must comply with the OSHA regulations in the United States, we offer the ASME/OSHA Rigging Trainer Development Course. We also offer the same course in Europe, Asia and Middle East except the OSHA emphasis is omitted and substituted with applicable EN standards. For individuals that work in land based oil/gas industry, Crosby offers the Land Based Rigging Trainer Development Course. This course provides extra emphasis on ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and API (American Petroleum Institute) information coupled with well servicing, gin pole truck and energy industry specifics. For individuals rigging loads in offshore energy environments, we offer the Offshore Rigging Trainer Development Course which draws heavily from the API RP 2D recommended practices, coupled with ASME and Crosby recommendations. All courses above reference rigging requirements as set forth in the ASME and Crosby recommendations, and specific OSHA, API and EN standards that may apply.

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Although these seminars are called “Rigging Training Development Courses” non-trainers are welcome to attend the day one course only. Day two is designed for those individuals who need more information to assist them in their training endeavors, or just need more advanced rigging knowledge for their occupation.

IN SOME SELECTED CITIES, Crosby offers an optional Block Clinic seminar on the third day. These optional offerings are for those individuals needing basic inspection, application and maintenance information on Crosby McKissick crane blocks, sheaves, and overhaul balls used on mobile cranes.

Special note: The materials utilized in these courses were developed for the Crosby product line. The materials are intended to be used as classroom references in training sessions conducted by individuals authorized by Crosby. Crosby provides instruction only on how to use the materials. Crosby does not select or determine whether each attendee is qualified to be a trainer. Crosby does not pass or fail any attendee, we simply provide the materials and training. The management of companies requesting the Crosby training are responsible for determining the capability and suitability of all trainers in their employment.