Energy-land based

When you're looking for energy-land based products, The Crosby Group has you covered. Whether it's lifting clamps, hooks, rigging components, or shackles our team provides you with the products you need for the equipment you use. We have the experience and the knowledge to ensure that you receive reliable, high performing tools.

Every item is inspected and tested to ensure top performance as well as safety.  Our goal is to understand your project in order to find and provide you with energy-land based products that meet your unique needs. The Crosby Group understands that each project is different and, as such, requires a distinct set of solutions. Our team helps you find the right product to keep your equipment working and running smoothly.

Because of our knowledge and experience we provide a vast amount of information for each customer. If there is a question you have before purchase or after purchase we can answer it.  Our goal is to instill confidence in each of our customers and to be a resource when it comes to energy-land based products.

For more information regarding any of these products please reach out to our team. We want to answer any questions you have, help you find the right product, and get you equipped with what you need.
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