Construction - General

Construction projects often require various rigging materials to ensure a job is completed in an effective and safe manner. Rigging is used to lift heavy materials to various heights using cranes and other material handling equipment. A certain level of risk is associated with these types of projects so it is crucial to be well-educated in the materials you are using and the way you are using them. We do our part by applying a safety testing procedure to each of our products as they come off the line. Be sure to follow the proper OSHA requirements when using this equipment to reduce the possibility of accidents.

In our experience, general construction projects require the following elements: blocks & overhaul balls, chains & components, hook latches, hooks, lifting clamps, links, and more. Material handling in cold weather environments has a separate set of OSHA requirements as the impact of cold temperatures on steel and other materials can different. The Crosby Group is equipped to supply you with the construction materials you need.
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