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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide information regarding the properties of a particular product. As important components of product stewardship and workplace safety, they are intended to provide workers with procedures for working with the product in a proper and safe manner.

Crosby provides downloadable PDF format MSDS/SDS Safety Data Sheets on the following products:


Wirelock® Booster Kits

Vitalife® BioLube Liquid

Vitalife® BioLube Aerosol

Wirelock® Catalyst / Hardener (Français)

Wirelock® Resin System (Français)

Wirelock® Booster Kit (Français)

Wirelock® Catalyst / Hardener (Spanish)

Wirelock® Resin (Spanish)

Vitalife® Bio-Lube Líquido (Spanish)

Wirelock® Rope Capping Kit

Vitalife® 400 Væske (Norsk)

Vitalife® Bio-Lube Liquide (Français)

Vitalife® 400 Liquide (Français)

Vitalife® Bio-Lube Liquido (Italiano)

Vitalife® 400 Liquido (Italiano)

Vitalife® 400 Aerosol (English)

Vitalife® 400 Liquid (English)

Vitalife® 500 Liquid

Vitalife® 600 Liquid