Product Warning & Application Instructions

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Chain and Components
Crosby® Winchline Tail Chain (L-180)
Load® Binders

Crosby® Soft Eye Bundle Clip (G-460)
Crosby® Thimble Eye Bundle Clip (G-461)
Fist Grip® Wire Rope Clips (G429)
Wire Rope Clips (G-450 and SS-450)

Alloy Steel Chain Slings and Crosby® Eliminator®
Crosby® Eliminator®

General Cautions and Warnings
General Cautions and Warnings

Crosby Bullard® Golden Gate® Hooks
Crosby S-4338 Pin Latch
Crosby® Firefighter Anchor Hook (S-360)
Crosby® Hoist Hooks (S-3316, S-3319, S-319 Series, S-320 Series, S-322 Series, and S-3322B)
Crosby® ROV Hooks (L-562A)
Crosby® SHUR-LOC® Hooks (S-1316A, S-1317A, S-1318A, S-1326A, S-13326A)
Crosby® Weld-On Hooks (BH-313)
McKissick® Hoist Hook (S-320, S-319, S-322 Series, S-3322B Series, S-3316 Series and S-3319 Series)
Shank Hooks for Swaging (S-319SWG)

Latch Kit
Crosby® PL Hook Latch Kit
Crosby®PL-N/O Hook Latch Kit
Hook Latch Kit (S-4320 and SS-4320)
Hook Latch Kit (SS-4055)

Lifting Points (Hoist Rings/Eye Bolts/Quic-Align)
Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc Lifting Point
Crosby® Pivot Hoist Rings (HR-100)
Forged Eye Bolts (G-291, G-277, S-279)
Hoist Rings (HR-1200)
Hoist Rings (HR125, HR1000)
Trench Cover Hoist Rings (HR-500)

Crosby® Weld-On Pivoting Link (S-265)

McKissick Block
Tackle Block and Sheave Assembly

McKissick Tubing Grab
Crosby® Tubing Grab (TGRB)

Rigging Components
Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc Lifting Point

Crosby® Easy-Loc V2™ Application Instructions

Button Spelter Socket (SB427)
S-423T Super Terminator™ Wedge Socket
Terminator™ Wedge Sockets (S-421T and US-422T)
Wedge Sockets (S-421 and US-422)

Swaging Machine
National Four Post Swaging Machine