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Chain and Accessories

Crosby Quality

Components and Configurations

Crosby® A-1361 ELIMINATOR® Single Hooks

Crosby® A-1362 ELIMINATOR® Double Hooks

Crosby® S-4104N Latch Pin

Crosby® A-1360B Bails

Crosby® A-1360S Single Hooks

Crosby® A-1360D Double Hooks

Crosby® SPECTRUM 10® Grade 100 Alloy Chain

Crosby® A-1337 LOK-A-LOY® Connecting Links

Crosby® A-1370 Reeving Links

Crosby® A-1348 Eye Cradle Grab Hooks

Crosby® A-1346 Grade 100 Welded Master Link Assemblies

Crosby® S-1327 Eye Sling Hooks

Crosby® A-1342N Forged Alloy Master Links

Crosby® A-1345N Master Link Assemblies

Crosby® A-1339 Clevis Sling Hooks

Crosby® A-1359 Clevis Foundry Hooks

Crosby® A-1329 Eye Foundry Hooks

Crosby® 1338 Clevis Cradle Grab Hooks

Crosby® 1358 Clevis Grab Hooks

Crosby® A-1328 Eye Grab Hooks

Crosby® S-1316 SHUR-LOC® Eye Hooks

Crosby® S-1317 SHUR-LOC® Clevis Hooks

Crosby® S-1326 Swivel Type SHUR-LOC® Hooks

Crosby® S-13326 Swivel Type SHUR-LOC® Hooks w/Bearing

Crosby® S-1325A Grade 100 Chain Couplers

Crosby® S-1311N Chain Shortener Links

Crosby® A-1355 Chain Choker Hooks

Crosby® Cast Stainless Steel

Crosby® RFID Cast Stainless Steel Tags

Crosby® RFID Stamped Steel Tags

Crosby® RFID QUIC Tags

Crosby® Stamped Steel Tags

Spectrum 8 Sling Components and Configurations

Crosby® SPECTRUM 8® Alloy Chains

Crosby® A-342 Forged Alloy Master Links

Crosby® A-345 Forged Alloy Master Link Assemblies

Crosby® A-344 Welded Master Links

Crosby® A-347 Welded Master Link Assemblies

Crosby® S-314A Clevis Sling Hooks w/Integrated Latch

Crosby® S-315A Eye Sling Hooks w/Integrated Latch

Crosby® S-4320 Hook Latch Kits

Crosby® S-4088 Hook Latch Kits

Crosby® S-4338 Grab Hook Latch Kits

Engineering Specifications

Crosby® SPECTRUM 3® Carbon Chain

Crosby® SPECTRUM 4® Carbon Chain

Crosby® SPECTRUM 7® Carbon Chain

Crosby® A-336 LOK-A-LOY® Grade 60 Connecting Links

Crosby® 334 Galvanized Pear Shape “Missing Link” Replacement Links

Crosby® 335 Galvanized “Missing Link” Replacement Links

Crosby® S-247 Double Clevis Links

Crosby® S-249 Twin Clevis Links

Crosby® 330 Clevis Grab Hooks

Crosby® Bullard® Alloy Grab Hooks w/Latch

Crosby® 323 Eye Grab Hooks

Crosby® 331 Clevis Slip Hooks

Crosby® H-324 Eye Slip Hooks

Lebus® L-150 Standard Lever Type

Lebus® L-140 Standard Ratchet Type Load Binders

Lebus® R-7QL QUIC-LINK Ratchet Binders

Lebus® A-1W Walking Load Binders

Lebus® R-10 Binder without Links and Hooks

Lebus® L-150 Snubbing Type Load Binders

Lebus® L-130 Midget Load Binders

Crosby® BL-O and BL-P Crosby®-Bullard® Link Chain Nest Hooks

Crosby® A-342 Forged Master Links

Crosby® A-345 Master Link Assemblies w/Engineered Flat

Crosby® A-1343 Grade 10 Welded Alloy Master Links

Crosby® S-1316 Eye Type SHUR-LOC® Hooks

Crosby® S-1317 Clevis Type SHUR-LOC® Hooks

Crosby® 334 Galvanized Pear Shape “Missing Link” Replacement Links

Crosby® 335 Galvanized “Missing Link” Replacement Links

Crosby® C-186 SPECTRUM 4® High Test Boomer Chains

Crosby® C-187 SPECTRUM 7® Transport Boomer Chains

Crosby® C-188 SPECTRUM 8® Alloy Boomer Chains

Lebus® L-180 Winchline Tail Chains

Crosby® O-318 Chain Nest Hooks

Crosby® O-319 Crosby® Chain Nest Hooks

Crosby® SPECTRUM 10® Alloy Chain

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