Crosby Training Videos

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General Information About Crosby Shackles

Side Loading of Crosby Shackles

Crosby Screw Pin Type Shackle Basics

Crosby Bolt Type Shackle Basics


Three Basic Sling Hitches

The Basket Hitch

The Choker Hitch

The Choker Hitch: Wire Rope Slings

The Choker Hitch: Synthetic Webbing and Round Slings

The Choker Hitch: Chain Slings

Sling Angles: Best Practices

The Effect of Sling Angle on Tension

Sling Angles and Sling Tension

Winching Loads

Winching Loads: Horizontal Surface

Winching Loads: Incline Surface

Determining Load Weight and Center of Gravity

Determine the Weight of Loads by Volume

Additional Videos

Eliminator Chain Sling System Video