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In addition to the catalogs, Crosby provides brochures containing specific product details and manuals with information on use of specific products.  Please make a selection below.

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Subsea Brochure

Crosby QUIC-TAG (9992450)


Rapid Rescue Chain Kit

Easy-Loc V2 Flyer Cover

Crosby® Easy-Loc V2™ Flyer

High Fatigue Life Kenter Connection

Crosby IP Lifting Clamps – Safety First!

Crosby Feubo Testing Equipment

Crosby SL150M Slide-Loc™

Crosby Feubo NDur Link

Crosby Hoist Rings vs Eye Bolts (9992380)

Crosby Hoist Rings vs. Eye Bolts Flyer

Crosby G-2100/G-2110 ROV Release & Retrieve Shackles

Crosby Feubo Nautilus Slim Swivel

The Platinum Line Chain Brochure (Metric)

SHUR-LOC Handle Hooks

Crosby Feubo Mooring Introduction

790 McKissick Metric Blocks & Sheaves Brochure

Long Bolt Swivel Hoist Ring

Crosby Feubo Testing Equipment

McKissick Oilfield 70 and 80 Series Tubing Block Flyer (Imperial)

Crosby Straightpoint Arborist And Tree Felling Brochure (A4)

Crosby Straightpoint Arborist and Tree Felling Brochure