Premier User Support from The Crosby Group

The Crosby Group Offers a World Class Training Program with Comprehensive Training

The phrase Customer Service means more than just having the product available when you need it. Customer Service also means having a full time, knowledgeable District Sales Representative, a well trained and fully equipped Customer Service Department, and a capable Technical Support Team available to serve you…when you need them. Customer Service also means having a management team dedicated to ensure the previously mentioned services run smoothly so that your needs are met.

World Class Training Program
Crosby considers it their responsibility to ensure that users are knowledgeable on the product’s proper use. To accomplish that, Crosby provides an “industry first”, comprehensive set of instructions to educate users on proper installation, use, inspection, and maintenance of its products. With the most experienced and recognized trainers in the industry, Crosby training is second to none. The comprehensive training covers all aspects of the lift, from developing an accurate plan, to selecting the right product for the job. To that end, there is a Crosby seminar somewhere in the world every day.

Training and risk management programs are supported with the most industry recognized literature, along with an information packed web site.