Crosby provides a vast variety of different high-quality swivels that undergo a special heat treatment process and forging techniques to ensure a long-lasting and reliable product. We offer a range of different swivels that can be used for various projects around the world.

Swivels are used to counter the effects of rigging when it’s beginning to spin. When you have a device that is unable to rotate, you use a swivel to enable that capability. This piece of lifting equipment adjusts to the movement of the load to avoid putting stress on either the lifting equipment or on the support structure.

We offer high-quality swivels, and they help prevent unnecessary twisting and binding of slings and attachments. (Working Load Limits decrease as slings are twisted, kinked or fouled). We can also provide specific swivels based on the client’s need that are customizable in size, shape, and working load limit.

Our swivels can be used in a variety of different rigging applications that include construction, subsea, industrial, cargo handling, and more.

Not All Swivels Work the Same

Keep in mind that some swivels are made for only specific applications. Be sure to speak with one of our team members to ensure you are purchasing and using the correct swivel for your rigging project. Proper design, solid forging, and precision-controlled quench and tempering allows for maximum strength without excessive weight and bulk.

Check out Crosby’s full product listings of swivel products. Please feel free to contact our sales team who will assist with any inquiries.

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