The Crosby Group has a long history of delivering quality products and innovative processes through the years. In 1978, Crosby, with the partnership of McKissick, invented the roll forged sheave. When it comes to sheave design and manufacturing processes, Crosby is still the leader in the industry, with sheave centers across the world that focus on providing products for each local market. Locations include Putte, Belgium; Singapore; Hangzhou China; and Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA).

Not only does Crosby stock key materials, it has the manufacturing capacity to provide short deliveries, as well as operational and technical support. This enables every team to learn more about the product and material they will be handling. Crosby offers roll forged sheaves that provide an upset meta flow without creating a stress zone at the splitting point. The dome-reinforced sheave design provides for a continuous weld in a circular pattern.

Sheaves produced come in: 30, 35, and 45-degree profiles. The McKissick roll-forged sheave is available in the following: plain bore, bronze bushed, roller bearing, tapered roller bearing, lubrication thru hub, key ways, set screws, full complement bearing.

All products have been tested for underwater and hard environment uses, giving the client confidence in using sheaves for all applications. In addition, Crosby has achieved API Q and TS29001 statues and are licensed to manufacture sheaves to API 8C and provide to API, DNVA, and ABS requirements.

Crosby Roll-Forged Sheaves have a reputation of reliability you can depend on. First, teams must know which type of sheave needs to be used on the job. The type of project, duration, and environment all determine the type of sheaves that is required, as well as the maintenance schedule for the product.

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