Blocks & Overhaul Balls

Crosby McKissick® overhaul balls and blocks are designed to fit your specific rigging needs.

Overhaul Balls

Overhaul balls are used to add weight to a crane rope so that the crane lines are kept taught. This prevents spooling and twisting issues that would ultimately create permanent damage the crane. These overhaul balls vary in size and design depending on the crane truck or shop environment in which it’s being used.

Crosby’s non-swiveling overhaul balls features can take on the working load limit from 4 to 15 tons, depending on the model.

Each split overhaul ball is specially designed for tasks where headroom is important. The angular contact bearings on the overhaul ball ensure the most efficiency and longevity of the swivel and Wireline. Plated in zinc, these overhaul balls will resist corrosion. This product is further customizable, as our split overhaul balls are available with wide jaw openings and upper fittings.

The top swivel overhaul balls are designed to remain stationary if the wireline spins. These are available in 4 and 7-ton capacities, as well as 85, 150, and 200 lb. weights. We even offer two different hooks that have deformation and angle indicators. This product is easily disassembled for inspection and maintenance.


Crosby McKissick® offers the quality, long-lasting blocks needed for a wide variety of industries. We can customize these blocks to your needs with aa shackle, hook, or swivel, contingent on the type of block.

Our extensive product line includes the following kinds of blocks:

  • Construction Blocks
  • Drilling Blocks
  • Overhead Bridge Crane Blocks
  • Scrap Handing Blocks
  • Utility Crane Blocks
  • Tilt-up Wall Blocks
  • Snatch Blocks

Our team is ready to answer any questions you have regarding the different types of blocks and overhaul balls we produce.

Snatch Blocks