Our Product Line – The Crosby Group

Crosby manufactures the most highly recognized, time-tested brand names in the industry. Because of our uncompromising commitment to quality, these products have been the choice of several generations.

Crosby® (Formerly Crosby-Laughlin, Founded 1836)
Shackles, hooks, turnbuckles, links, rings, eye bolts, and wire rope clips

Lebus® (Founded 1941)
Load binders, snatch blocks, and tail chains

McKissick® (Founded 1925)
Crane blocks, snatch blocks, construction blocks, and sheaves

National (Founded 1954)
“Cold-Tuff” Swage sleeves, swage buttons, swage sockets, swaging machines, and dies

Western® (Founded 1883)
Snatch blocks, tackle blocks, marine blocks, and manila rope blocks

Bullard® (Founded in 1952)
Golden Gate Hooks for use with wire rope, chain, and hoists.