Our Product Line – The Crosby Group

Time-Tested Brand Names That Are Still Market Leaders

The Crosby Group has the most highly recognized brand names in the industry. Because each has an uncompromising commitment to quality, these products have been the choice of several generations.

Crosby® (Formerly Crosby-Laughlin, Founded 1836)
Shackles, hooks, turnbuckles, links, rings, eye bolts and wire rope clips

Lebus® (Founded 1941)
Load binders, snatch blocks and tail chains

McKissick® (Founded 1925)
Crane blocks, snatch blocks, construction blocks and sheaves

National (Founded 1954)
“Cold-Tuff” Swage sleeves, swage buttons, swage sockets, Swaging machines and dies

Western® (Founded 1883)
Snatch blocks, tackle blocks, marine blocks and manila rope blocks

Bullard® (Founded in 1952)
Golden Gate Hooks for use with wire rope, chain and hoists.