Block Selection and Application Guide – Plus

At Crosby®, we strive to provide the latest technology. In doing so we have created the Block Selection and Application Guide – Plus app for iPad®.


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The Crosby Block Selection and Application Guide goes hand in hand with the Crosby User’s Guide for Lifting, which has been one of the most requested printed reference guides for the lifting industry, with over a half million in circulation.

This new electronic version takes the information available on the printed version to a new level. The Crosby Block Selection and Application Guide-Plus version contains all the great features of the printed version including: mechanical advantage, block reeving, rigging with multiple parts of line, angle factor multipliers, D/d ratio, sheave bearing terminology, wedge sockets, inspection criteria for blocks, sheaves and hooks, and information on crane blocks, overhaul balls, construction blocks, snatch blocks, tower / derrick blocks, and tilt-up wall blocks.

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To help meet your day to day needs, we have added many interactive tools to the Plus version. The result is a reference guide you will not want to be without.


  • Sample inspection forms for
    • Blocks
    • Sheaves
    • Block Hooks
  • Links to Crosby’s “On-Line” General catalog for selected products
  • Functional calculators for:
    • Parts of Line
    • Overhaul Weight
    • Snatch Block Rigging
    • Block Rigging – Pulling
    • Block Angle Multiplier
    • D/d Ratio
    • Block Selector
    • Snatch Block Bearing
    • Bronze Bushings
  • Support for portrait and landscape orientations

We appreciate your input, and if you have any problems at all, please do not hesitate to email us at